Plays: This Year’s Performances


Discrimination amongst human – on the basis of race, religion, sex, caste or color – is the source of all turmoil, unrest and conflict of the world that we live in today. Add to that, the individual vices we – the mere mortals – are allured to or driven by – and we get a world full of oppression. Throwing away our common judgment, considerations, sensitivities, and compassion – we don’t hesitate to make the poor become poorer, or the sufferer become nonexistent. Struggle for survival intensifies and violence erupts, marking the timeline of human civilization marred with our own blood – repeatedly and periodically. History had witnessed this over and over again. And amidst all these crisis of human existence, appeared divine souls – whenever mankind needed them the most. People who – as representatives of divine intervention – had touched human lives, simply through their existence, elevating the human civilization from the nadir of disgrace, to the pinnacle of pride and glory. History had also witnessed that – over and over again. And the chronicle of mankind had registered this victory – of good over evil, of vibes over vices – repeatedly, over and over again.  Different forms of medium – literature, drama or poetry express this thought in their own way.

Light of Asia

Siddhartha Gautam’s self-disclose is one of the most important incident in the history of Indian renaissance. In today’s world, due to the proliferation of modern day media, the entities like Samrat Akbar, Ashoka, Swami Vivekanada, Gandhiji, Netaji are merely turning to only names in the eyes of youth. We want to inform the present youth of the society regarding their highly-precious-life-stories through our production. For this very reason, our journey starts with the life history of Thathagata Buddha.

Recipe Book

Grandmother who is a good singer and a great cook is at the golden ripe age and shows signs of early dementia. She has dedicated her life to cooking and writing recipes and talking about them 24 x 7! She thinks the life is like a ‘Recipe’: each relationship is important and requires just the right touch of salt and sugar. A slight change ruins the recipe! Her daughter in the USA feels helpless with her mother’s situation, but the grand-daughter who grew up with her has a great idea that would be a remedy of sorts!

The Masrayana

What would happen to you if all the official records of your government had you written down as “dead”? Identity theft takes on a new meaning in India, a country bogged down with an uncaring and archaic bureaucratic system. The Masrayana, based on true events, is the journey of Gopal Masra who discovers his existence being challenged when he sets out to get a loan to cultivate the next season’s crop on his land. As he crosses India in search of justice, Gopal Masra meets many like him. Together they manage to confront the system. Playwright, William Kovacsik weaves this fascinating tale infusing it with theatrical life combining narrative, action and style to create a richly human and universal modern saga.

Aw AaaKaKha

What is the meaning of true education? Is it just bookish knowledge confined in its own syllabus, or is it the society imposing its rules and regulations, or is it complex and dirty politics bearing its flag? Or is it an all-encompassing lesson which teaches us to believe in the truth again, to know the right from the wrong? Makes us recognize and relate to all who are beside us, who we may have ignored in the past. Or maybe it teaches us to think like Ulysses- “With death ends all excitement, yet there’s some great work still undone”. A lesson which makes an almost dying tree branch out again in full glory and reach for the sky. From the ruins of a dilapidated society rises a new vision of hope for the future- from Labanya to Rimli, Rimli to Sromona, Sromona to Chandranath and Chandranath to many newer dreams. A lesson which leaves all familial relations and boundaries behind and teaches one and all to overcome their ignorance, fear and self-centeredness and experience the taste of true freedom- where Abhradeep and Pankaj become one and the same person. Real education, as according to the protagonist of the play, Parikshit, is not confined to just your bookish syllabus because your own life is your biggest syllabus.

Short Plays (10 mins)

Jodiyos Bhattkieka Manharu

The massive earthquakes of Nepal have changed everything.  Many people have lost loved ones and many earthquake survivors still don’t have shelter to live or enough food to eat.  However, there is resilience among people.  The story of this play depicts such loss, suffering, pain and the reaction of the people.  Every Nepali living abroad were worried about their families.  The earthquake has destroyed historical buildings and common people’s residence.  Sadly, there is not enough reconstruction happening now.  We are slowly forgetting earthquake survivors.  Their painful tears are still existing.  This play tries to bring their story to you.  This is a tragic reality of our life.

Issues of A Sergeant

This play is about the war and how it affects the relationship between a Sergeant and is wife. Wars have not benefited anybody and the after effects can be long term on countries and its people.

Come Home for Lunch

This is a fictional play based on a real event which happened in Arkansas – a young student aged 13 years killed a teacher and a student.  This play was written right after that.  Many school shootings of many different natures are occurring, some religion based, some because of mental illness, poverty, dysfunctional families and forgotten down trodden families.  But the main cause is – lack of gun control and dis-satisfaction of young people with the system.  At this moment “Come Home for Lunch” has unfortunately become very timely.

Sagina Mahato

SAGINA MAHATO is a popular play based on an enterprising story by Gourkishore Ghosh.  Sagina is a fascinating leader among the illiterate, poverty stricken rural workers, with his unique impulsive mechanism to control the tortures of the employer class.  This entices urban political leaders, who send Gouri, their subordinate, to set up their rural party union with the help of Sagina’s charisma before the forthcoming election.  Gouri, noble and sincere at heart, does her best but unambiguous Sagina falls prey to the complexities of the political world, so much so that his deprived kin become his foe.  Courageous Sagina rejects all temptations of national labor leadership and returns to his people, who once again cheer him up as their path finder.

Theater in Break

“Theater in Break” is a concept that aims to explore and create spaces of exchange between theater workers and their audiences. Through this exchange, theater and the audience will evolve and grow together, moving toward a deeper understanding of both the art and the craft of theater. This creative space will allow everyone to bring their own skills (like actor, singer, dancer, musician, and painter) and then connect with each other.This theater is based on stories that emerge through development of themes rather than being bound by any particular text. Each member of this theater is responsible for bringing their own voices and thoughts to the arena, which will add to the content and value of the themes. Here, creativity is intrinsically linked to examination of and reflections on contemporary social issues.

Day 1 – My ISM..MY INtolerance

What is my “ism”? Do I have one?  Do I need one?  Do I choose one? Do I become part of one? Today’s world is saturated with “isms.” Just as we are guided by these “isms” we are also befuddled by them. Has our association with these “isms” made us intolerant? Are we listening to each other anymore or are we only trying to occupy (or control) each other’s minds?Let us use this space to debate the “isms,” let us tell our stories, let us try to make meaningful connections, and most of all, let us all start thinking.

Emergence-birth of a play

Theater is a journey of experience and expression, actions and reactions, emotions and images. Theater is not just about telling a story, it is also about exploration of ideas, a platform where our thoughts can take shape and emerge.The Great Masters of theater have over time used a variety of styles/ formats to connect with their audiences, and in the process have given birth to forms as varied as Realism, Symbolism, Surrealism, Expressionism, and Absurdism. In this segment of Theater in Break, together we will create theater magic as we build a play step-by-step and immerse ourselves in the birth of a play. As the audience becomes one with the space of theater, we will witness emergence!


Day 2 – Explore theater through a montage of poetry, and expression of emotions

“JonmoBhumi  Ajj”  a poetry montage by Badal sircar.

Familiar stories around us become remote when we start to ignore them. Facts become fiction when we start forgetting them.  Words lose their meaning when we stop feeling them.“JonmobhumiAjj” is a journey into our innermost being, a glimpse into our souls. Through this play we reveal the faded memories, the tainted images. Let us hold hands so that we may understand each other. Let us listen so that we may hear each other speak.